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Welcome to MassOMS!

What Sets Us Apart?

Here at MassOMS, our team is made up of some of the most highly skilled oral surgeons near you in North Andover, MA. We offer highly specialized care and services including emergency oral surgery, teeth extractions and full mouth dental implants. The MassOMS team is driven by our commitment to providing exceptional results and guarantee nothing less when you visit us for your surgical needs. With us, your health is in the best hands.

Implant 1-2-3 System

We have a unique dental implant process that allows us to guide you through the entire procedure from preparation, to surgery, to restoration all in one place.

Available for Emergencies

Dental emergencies deserve immediate attention, and we at MassOMS will always make time to help you in your time of need. Call us any time when you need oral surgery help!


Oral surgeries are a big deal and you deserve transparent communication every step of the way. We’ll never leave you wondering “what’s next?” and will follow up after your care.

Treatment Made Simple

No Matter Your Case

Dentistry and oral surgery does not have to be a complicated process that leaves you feeling lost or unsure. At MassOMS, we believe in open communication and transparency in everything we do. Our team will explain everything in detail until you fully understand. Plus, our practice utilizes modern technologies that help make every procedure quicker, more predictable, and safe. Get in touch with us today to experience the MassOMS difference!

Our Implant Process

Dental implants are becoming more and more popular due to their amazing restorative benefits, but it is important to find the right team to help you complete your smile. At MassOMS, we place implants almost every single day, so our process has been rigorously tested and proven to succeed. We follow a simple Implant 1-2-3 System that helps our patients get a complete smile from start to finish at our office. Watch this video to find out more about our process!

Webinars & Mini Residencies

Continuing Education

At MassOMS, our oral surgeons are more than just skilled doctors—we are educators too. We offer webinars, mini-residencies, and continuing education courses for other doctors and their team. Our goal is to help more practices and doctors to offer modern, safe, and life-changing care to patients around the world. Join a community that is excited to learn and eager to grow by taking a look at our curriculum and calendar here!


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Dental Implants

Find out why dental implants are considered the gold standard solution when it comes to replacing missing teeth!
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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth should be removed if they are causing pain or harming your smile. Learn more about this surgery here!